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#MormonPoetrySlam, Day 10 (2014): Eric Jepson reads
an Excerpt from Onan the Illiterate by Stephen Dirle

"How well I could write if I were not here!" from madamepsychosis on Flickr

Here’s a link to the poem if you’d like to follow along as Eric reads. Read more about the Mormon Poetry Slam here and see the posting schedule here. Vote for your favorite performance here (the link will go live once all the entries have been posted). Use #MormonPoetrySlam if you post about this in your social media circles.

On Language and Connection via S.P. Bailey’s “spark”

Anthology Poet Highlight 46/82: S.P. Bailey, “spark” Even though it’s short, S.P. (Shawn) Bailey’s “spark” has potential for diverse readings—even moreso, I think, because it’s not punctuated. This places greater emphasis on the words and the lines themselves and invites readers to contemplate how these words and lines work together as a series of signs and sounds, arranged by the… Read more »