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After the Manner of Our Language: Melody Newey’s “Word of God”

"Songbook" from Damien M. on Flickr (BY NC ND)

Melody Newey’s “Word of God” Post 15/31 in my A Mother Here reading series. (Click/tap here to read the poem.) Poem: (Direct link to audio file.) Commentary: (Direct link to audio file.)

Notes on How to Read a Poem

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I’m of two minds about National Poetry Month. In one sense, I appreciate the effort (initiated by the Academy of American Poets and institutionalized in April 1996 by President Clinton’s administration) “to highlight the extraordinary legacy and ongoing achievement of American poets; [to] introduce Americans to the pleasures and benefits of reading poetry; [to] bring poets and poetry to the… Read more »

On Language and Connection via S.P. Bailey’s “spark”

Anthology Poet Highlight 46/82: S.P. Bailey, “spark” Even though it’s short, S.P. (Shawn) Bailey’s “spark” has potential for diverse readings—even moreso, I think, because it’s not punctuated. This places greater emphasis on the words and the lines themselves and invites readers to contemplate how these words and lines work together as a series of signs and sounds, arranged by the… Read more »