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Marilyn and Mozart: Playing it Again

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violin concert from ovidiu onea on Flickr

I’ve started revisiting old posts, adding audio files of me (or someone else) reading the poems I discuss in those posts. Last month, I revisited my commentary on Neil Aitken’s first poetry collection. Today, I’m returning to my thoughts on Marilyn Bushman-Carlton’s poem “Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major. To that end: here’s me performing her poem:

Listening Closely to James Goldberg’s “In the Beginning”

(Cross-posted here.) If you’d like to comment on the post, follow that link. Poet Highlight: James Goldberg, “In the Beginning”* James Goldberg’s poem “In the Beginning” exults in orality. It begins, “When he was young, / they read the books / out loud.” But the poet doesn’t revel simply by stating that his experience with language is grounded in the… Read more »