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More than an Endless Womb: Rebekah Orton’s “It’s Possible I’m Projecting”

"A lovely kid looking at her exhausted mom" from licryst on Flickr (BY NC)

Rebekah Orton’s “It’s Possible I’m Projecting” Post 18/31 in my A Mother Here reading series. (Click/tap here to read the poem.) Poem: (Direct link to audio file.) Commentary: (Direct link to audio file.)

The Urge and Urge and Urge of Danny Nelson’s “Creation”

Anthology Poet Highlight 28/82: Danny Nelson, “Creation” Danny’s “Creation” revises the Old Testament’s opening text. As such, it delves deeply into the “procreant urge of creation,” a phrase straight out of Whitman. Indeed, in Danny’s poem, as in Whitman and, I would argue, most poetry, I find this “Urge and urge and urge, / Always the procreant urge of the… Read more »