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Mormon Novelist Angela Hallstrom Reviews Fire in the Pasture

In volume 52.3 of BYU Studies, Angela Hallstrom shared 500 words (or so) on why Fire in the Pasture matters. Here’s what she concludes: Although the readership of poetry anthologies is not large, it is encouraging that Fire in the Pasture collects and preserves many of Mormonism’s most potent poetic voices from the early twenty-first century, making them available for… Read more »

Two Goodreads Reviews: “I own this one and I love it!” & “SO many excellent poets!”

In my efforts to keep my finger on the pulse of Fire in the Pasture, I came across two Goodreads reviews of the anthology, one by Laura Craner, the other by Dayna Patterson. Laura blogs for A Motley Vision: Mormon Literature and Culture and Dayna Patterson is a poet and the editor of Psaltery & Lyre, an online poetry mag…. Read more »

Giving the Beauty of Holiness a Tongue (Part One)

Giving the Beauty of Holiness a Tongue: A Review Essay on Adam’s Dream: Poems for a Latter Day by Doug Talley (Part One)* I. During the fourth month of my wife’s first pregnancy, she started spotting. Startled by her yell from the bathroom where she’d been getting ready for work, I ran from the kitchen and met her halfway down… Read more »