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Field Notes on Language and Kinship

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I’m indulging in some shameless self-promotion here today, but only because what I’m promoting is a fruit of my work on Fire in the Pasture. This morning via his Mormon Artists Group e-newsletter, Glimpses, Glen Nelson announced the publication of my single-author book. Here’s what he said: Mormon Artists Group is pleased to announce the publication of Field Notes on… Read more »

21st Century Mormon Lyricisms

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I originally read this essay, in which I officially announced the publication of Fire in the Pasture, at the 2011 conference of the Association for Mormon Letters, held March 26, 2011. I read and commented on several poems in part II of the essay, but I’m not transcribing those readings here; if you’d like to hear them, you can listen… Read more »

Between Michael Hicks and Me: “Family Tree” Remix

In which I respond to and remix the first section of Michael Hicks’ poem, “Family Tree.” Scales hoarse as secrets whispered between lovers at dusk, a serpent—and not  a serpent—licks at Adam’s  dreams, tasting his flesh  to test what knowledge  had infused the first man in  Father’s quickening sigh.  Adam hears voices  from deep in the serpent’s  caress, hears a… Read more »

On Serrano’s Piss Christ and the Work of Mormon Poetics

Anthology Poet Highlight 31/82: Tyler Chadwick, “Submerged: Two Variations on Serrano’s Piss Christ“ (on page 72) The central method of gaining knowledge we have is our language. I do not think it is the function of the poets to give us little homilies in it, but to try to work the language to the limits of its resources, because when… Read more »