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An “Evening Drive” through the Nature of Language with Patricia Karamesines

Anthology Poet Highlight 16/82: Patricia Karamesines, “Evening Drive“ The lyric quality of “Evening Drive” pulls me into the narrative, placing me in the (rhetorical) vehicle beside the poet and her companion as they drive down a springing lane, both traversing the same landscape, through seeing it through different eyes. Such is the nature of language—and the language of nature, for… Read more »

“A Delicious Lapping”: Lance Larsen’s In All Their Animal Brilliance

Anthology Poet Highlight 15/82: Lance Larsen, In All Their Animal Brilliance American poet Lola Haskins blurbed about Lance’s second collection that “the book stands out” in the field of contemporary American poetry for at least two reasons: first, because “it travels—from a talisman in the first poem to a vineyard in the last, in which metaphors of growth and renewal… Read more »

On Karen Kelsay’s In Spite of Her

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Anthology Poet Highlight 9/82: Karen Kelsay, In Spite of Her In her chapbook of narrative poems, In Spite of Her, Karen explores the relationship between a middle-aged woman and a world that changes and moves on “in spite of her” (“In Spite of Her,” line 11). These poems become acts of mourning mixed with moments of acceptance of and resignation… Read more »

A Walk through “My True Country” with Susan Elizabeth Howe

Anthology Poet Highlight 3/82: Susan Elizabeth Howe, “My True Country” Susan is one of Mormon culture’s more prominent poets. She’s published in some of the nation’s prestigious journals and has served as the poetry editor of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought and Literature and Belief. Her Poetry Foundation bio note speaks to her influences and something of her philosophy:… Read more »