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Nurtured and Sustained by the Mythos of the Mother: Tiffany Moss Singer’s “Flesh and Bone”

"Mother's Day" from williamcho on Flickr (BY SA)

Tiffany Moss Singer’s “Flesh and Bone” Post 28/31 in my A Mother Here reading series. (Click/tap here to read the poem.) Poem: (Direct link to audio file.) Commentary: (Direct link to audio file.)

#MormonPoetrySlam, Day 9 (2014): Neil Aitken reads
“After Eden” by Marilyn Nielson

"Adam & Eve" from Sue Hasker on Flickr

Here’s a link to the poem if you’d like to follow along as Neil reads. Read more about the Mormon Poetry Slam here and see the posting schedule here. Vote for your favorite performance here (the link will go live once all the entries have been posted). Use #MormonPoetrySlam if you post about this in your social media circles.