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Mormon Poetry Slam, Day 3: Ben Abbott Reads
“The Excommunicate” by Danny Nelson

"Stained Glass" from szeke [Pedro Szekely] on Flickr

Read more about the Mormon Poetry Slam here and see the posting schedule here. Vote for your favorite performance here (the link will go live once all the entries have been posted). Use #MormonPoetrySlam if you post about this in your social media circles.

Contemplating the Sharpness of God’s Gaze: Marie Brian’s “Spindrift”

Anthology Poet Highlight 21/82: Marie Brian, “Spindrift“ When I first read “Spindrift,” it caught me off-guard. The first thing that struck me first about the poem is its (Emily) Dickinsonian style: seemingly random, mid-sentence capitalizations, the hyphens, the brevity. The tone, however, is a bit more hopeful, more reverent as the poet’s mind reaches through the sea spray, contemplating redemption,… Read more »