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Situating Sonosophy: De/Constructing Alex Caldiero’s Poetarium

Back in April, I presented some of my recent research on Alex Caldiero’s performance poetics at the annual conference for the Association for Mormon Letters. Since then I’ve been thick in the middle of preparing for, then taking (and passing!), my comprehensive exams for my doctoral degree. Now it’s time to dig into that dissertation, which is on Alex’s work…. Read more »

Disturbing the Dust on Emma Lou Thayne’s Jar of Rose Hips

Poet Highlight: Emma Lou Thayne, “The Rose Jar“ Disturbing the dust on a bowl on rose leaves . . . –T.S. Eliot, “Burnt Norton“ In the opening section of T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets, “Burnt Norton,” the poet muses on the interconnections and “unredeemab[ility]” of time (line 5): “What might have been,” he says, “is an abstraction / Remaining a perpetual… Read more »

Clinton F. Larson’s “City of Joseph”: This Soft Array of Leaves and Light

Poet Highlight: Clinton F. Larson, “The City of Joseph“ While “The City of Joseph” is obviously meant as inspirational verse (especially considering its venue of publication: The Ensign), I don’t find it sentimental in anyway. In fact, the language and imagery and the way Larson binds them together in his poetic vision are quite striking, quite accomplished. In fact, I… Read more »

Lingua Doctrinae“: Arwen Taylor’s Linguistic Worship

Anthology Poet Highlight 27/82: Arwen Taylor, “Lingua Doctrinae“ amicus, amici, amico, amicum, amico, Amice. The window, with its morning salty joke of squinting scowls, unfolds a dusty yellow ray of light on you, while I still close-eyed soak in shadows in the middle of the room. We resurrect the third declension, bring the plural genitive alive, resume linguistic worship, conjugate… Read more »