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On Poets & Poetry: Salt to the World

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BYU Studies Quarterly just published my review essay on two recent poetry collections: Susan Elizabeth Howe’s Salt (Signature Books, 2013) and Lance Larsen’s Genius Loci (University of Tampa Press, 2013). Both collections are well-worth your time and they sustain and reward multiple readings. Here’s an excerpt, right from the middle of my review, to whet your lyric appetite: Mormon theology… Read more »

“The Feeling of Knowing”: Brent Corcoran’s Review of Fire

I remembered the other day that the Fall 2012 issue of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought includes a review of Fire in the Pasture. It’s titled “The Feeling of Knowing” and was written by Brent Corcoran, a fellow poet (his name’s in the index included at the end of the anthology) and Dialogue‘s production manager. Here’s a snippet, which… Read more »