Let the 2nd Annual #MormonPoetrySlam Voting Begin!

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Now that the busyness of Christmas has passed and the final performance in the 2nd Annual #MormonPoetrySlam has posted (see the event archive here), it’s time to determine the winner of the Audience Choice Award. For your consideration and reviewing pleasure, here are the eighteen entries, listed in order of appearance (you may need to hit “Read next page” at the bottom of the Storify to review all of eighteen).

To get straight to voting, click here.

Once you’ve reviewed the entries, review the rules for voting:

1) The poll will close midnight (Mountain time), Saturday, January 3.
2) Anyone can vote and performers can garner votes however shamelessly they want to, but voters can vote only once.
3) The performance with the most votes when the poll closes Saturday will win the Audience Choice Award.




What was your favorite performance in the 2014 #MormonPoetrySlam?
Eric Jepson reads “Mental Gas” by Eliza R. Snow
Laura Craner reads “How Long?” by Darlene L. Young
Jonathon Penny reads “hymn to a thing that I knew and still know to some degree” by Joe Plicka
Jim Richards reads “Little Lion Face” by May Swenson
John Schouten reads “Paradise Lost” by “John Schouten”
Jonathon Penny reads “To the Lord of Sleepy Places” by Lance Larsen
Laura Craner Reads “Apple” by Patricia Karamesines
Scott Hales reads “Consolation” by Nephi Anderson
Neil Aitken reads “After Eden” by Marilyn Nielson
Eric Jepson reads an Excerpt from Onan the Illiterate by Stephen Dirle
Joe Plicka reads “Grandma Dyed Her Hair” by Rubina Rivers Forester
John Schouten reads “Recommended Daily Allowance” by “John Schouten”
Laura Craner reads “Pro Genitors” by Jonathon Penny
Elizabeth Pinborough reads “A Usually Dazzling World” by Emma Lou Thayne
Jonathon Penny reads “Jacob, to Esau” by Danny Nelson
Jim Richards reads “Angels of Mercy” by Darlene Young
Eric Jepson reads “Daddy’s Love” by C. Byron Whitney
Neil Aitken reads “Elegy” by E.S. Jenkins

Poll Maker

Here’s a direct link to the poll: http://goo.gl/gDOliO.

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