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Announcing Stunt Double by Elizabeth Garcia

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I’m writing in behalf of friend and fellow poet, Liz Garcia, whose first book of poetry, Stunt Double, is being published by Finishing Line Press. (See below for an excerpt from and endorsements of the book.) The chapbook is in the advanced sales period until November 20; all sales before then will determine the number of copies the press will… Read more »

Elizabeth Garcia Talks “The Semantics of Blessings”

Anthology Poet Highlight 7/82: Elizabeth (Cranford) Garcia, “The Semantics of Blessings“ (My reading of Liz’s poem) Liz’s unrhymed, free-variation on the sonnet, “The Semantics of Blessings,” took an Honorable Mention in Segullah‘s 2007 Poetry Contest. Cranford also took First Place in this contest with her poem (another sonnet), “Reproach.” Both, I think, are excellent poems, tightly crafted and nuanced enough… Read more »