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Mormon Poetry, 2012 to the Present

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Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought is publishing an essay of mine about Mormon poetry over the last five years. I asked the editor, Boyd Petersen, if it’d be all right to post the proof for the article, and he said absolutely. Unfortunately, most of the books under review are not available in university libraries, so I want to thank… Read more »

Enter the Poetarium:
On the Problem and Promise of Alex Caldiero’s Sonosophy

After nine years of doctoral study, I’m finally putting my PhD to bed. I defend my dissertation the morning of May 1 and will be presenting some of my research in a colloquium that afternoon. If anyone’s in the Pocatello area and would like to drop in for my presentation, here are the details: Title: “Enter the Poetarium: On the… Read more »

Announcing Stunt Double by Elizabeth Garcia

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I’m writing in behalf of friend and fellow poet, Liz Garcia, whose first book of poetry, Stunt Double, is being published by Finishing Line Press. (See below for an excerpt from and endorsements of the book.) The chapbook is in the advanced sales period until November 20; all sales before then will determine the number of copies the press will… Read more »

Fire in the Pasture News: #MormonPoetrySlam Edition

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It’s been a while since I sent out any news via email (I’ve interacted with many of you via Facebook and Twitter in the meantime), but I thought I would break the silence by passing along some info about an event I founded last year and that I intend to host each fall on the #MormonPoetrySlam. Below, you’ll find… Read more »

Announcing the 2nd Annual #MormonPoetrySlam

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2nd Annual Mormon Poetry Slam Pass Along

Since last year’s #MormonPoetrySlam was, by my accounting, a success (peruse the event archive here and review the performances here), I’ve decided to make it an annual event. Here’s this year’s call for submissions: It’s time for the 2nd Annual #MormonPoetrySlam! This isn’t your run-of-the-Green-Mill slam, however—among other things, it’s not a live, face-to-face event; there will be no time… Read more »

Come Celebrate Love & Nature, Nature & Love on Wilderness Interface Zone

Swan Love

In the mood for some love poems? Well, during February, Wilderness Interface Zone is hosting its traditional month-long celebration of love and the natural world: Love of Nature Nature of Love Month. To that end, they’ve issued an open call for nature-themed, love-laced writing and visual arts: original poetry, essays, blocks of fiction, art, music (mp3s), videos or other media… Read more »

Let the Mormon Poetry Slamming Begin!

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The Mormon Poetry Slam submissions are in: fourteen poems from six readers. Not a huge turnout, but enough to have some fun over the next few weeks as I post the readings, you listen to them and share them (far and wide), you vote for your favorite performance, and your votes determine a winner. Here’s how the competition will go… Read more »

News from Your Friendly Nayborhood Sonosopher

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Over the past couple weeks I’ve received two emails from Alex Caldiero announcing projects he’s involved with. The first is a Kickstarter campaign, the second a new book. First: the Kickstarter campaign. As a native of Sicily, Alex spent his childhood in the shadow of Mt. Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe. Using the funds to be raised by… Read more »

Fire in the Pasture Turns Two

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Two years ago today Peculiar Pages released Fire in the Pasture. Publishing the anthology was a watershed experience for me, for many of its contributors, and for Mormon poetry. It might be immodest of me to claim the latter if I wasn’t just reiterating what a trusted voice in Mormon arts has said. Glen Nelson of Mormon Artists Group has… Read more »

Field Notes on Language and Kinship

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I’m indulging in some shameless self-promotion here today, but only because what I’m promoting is a fruit of my work on Fire in the Pasture. This morning via his Mormon Artists Group e-newsletter, Glimpses, Glen Nelson announced the publication of my single-author book. Here’s what he said: Mormon Artists Group is pleased to announce the publication of Field Notes on… Read more »