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“Music Shall Be Thy Name”: Jim Richards’ “Octave”

Jim Richards’ “Octave” Post 26/31 in my A Mother Here reading series. (Click/tap here to read the poem.) Poem: (Direct link to audio file.) Commentary: (Direct link to audio file.)

#MormonPoetrySlam, Day 6 (2014): Jonathon Penny Reads
“To the Lord of Sleepy Places” by Lance Larsen

"Wine tasting-11" from Kunstuk (jdiderik) on Flickr

Here’s a link to the poem (you’ll have to scroll down–it’s the last poem in the article) if you’d like to follow along as Jonathon reads. Read more about the Mormon Poetry Slam here and see the posting schedule here. Vote for your favorite performance here (the link will go live once all the entries have been posted). Use #MormonPoetrySlam… Read more »

Marilyn and Mozart: Playing it Again

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violin concert from ovidiu onea on Flickr

I’ve started revisiting old posts, adding audio files of me (or someone else) reading the poems I discuss in those posts. Last month, I revisited my commentary on Neil Aitken’s first poetry collection. Today, I’m returning to my thoughts on Marilyn Bushman-Carlton’s poem “Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major. To that end: here’s me performing her poem:

Giving the Beauty of Holiness a Tongue (Part Two)

Giving the Beauty of Holiness a Tongue: A Review Essay on Adam’s Dream: Poems for a Latter Day by Doug Talley (Part Two) (Read Part One here) III. Adam’s Dream is divided into four sections: “Land within Arm’s Reach,” “Temples Framed by Hand,” “Voices from Another Room,” and “Flowers of a Kiss.” Each section contains eighteen poems and is framed… Read more »

Language—and Beyond Language: Lisa Bickmore’s “Dog Aria”

Anthology Poet Highlight 23/82: Lisa Bickmore, “Dog Aria” Lisa’s poem is about a dog. And not about a dog. On the surface the poet narrates her dachsund’s relationship with water and with song, showing the canine “baying adagio,” swimming “among the staves”—the movements of the sprinklers, the dishwasher, the washing machine—as the hush of water grows thick in his ears… Read more »

“Not Satisfaction, but Its Proxies”: Javen Tanner’s Curses For Your Sake

Anthology Poet Highlight 10/82: Javen Tanner, Curses For Your Sake “The title of Tanner’s chapbook frames well the experience captured in his lyric narrative poems. Extracted from the decree God directed towards Adam and Eve at the moment he expelled them from the Garden of Eden, the phrase ‘curses for your sake’ (see Gen. 3:17) suggests that moral paradox and… Read more »

The Deep-throated Ache of Marilyn Bushman Carlton’s “Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major

Anthology Poet Highlight 5/82: Marilyn Bushman-Carlton, “Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major“ (Here’s a link to my reading of Marilyn’s poem.) Music, as poetry, has power to bind us through and with the body’s rhythms. Marilyn Bushman-Carlton provides a case in point with “Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major,” a fairly short poem that shows the… Read more »

“How We are Saved” in/by Neil Aitken’s Lost Country of Sight

Anthology Poet Highlight 4/82: Neil Aitken, The Lost Country of Sight Neil’s first collection begins with a poem—“In the Long Dream of Exile” (hear Neil read it below)—that marks the solitary nature of the poet’s vocation. Pointing to this call to wander rhetorical landscapes in pursuit of, among other things, what poet Adrienne Rich calls “the dream of a common… Read more »