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Another Quick Roll Down Mark Bennion’s Backyard Slope

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I’m revisiting my reading of Mark L. Bennion’s poem “Still Life” (scroll down). Here’s an excerpt from my original 11 October 2011 post and my recent reading of Mark’s poem: The excerpt: In “Still Life” the poet captures that childhood longing (though I don’t think kids see it that way) to forge some union with the earth, with the people… Read more »

21st Century Mormon Lyricisms

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I originally read this essay, in which I officially announced the publication of Fire in the Pasture, at the 2011 conference of the Association for Mormon Letters, held March 26, 2011. I read and commented on several poems in part II of the essay, but I’m not transcribing those readings here; if you’d like to hear them, you can listen… Read more »

Ah, To Live for Dizziness: Mark Bennion’s “Still Life”

Anthology Poet Highlight 6/82: Mark Bennion, “Still Life“ (Scroll down) (My reading of Mark’s poem) Mark Bennion’s first collection, Psalm & Selah is a great example of what a good poet can do in response to the Book of Mormon, which is to explore the stories many Mormons know so well in ways that shed new light on them, in… Read more »