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21st Century Mormon Lyricisms

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I originally read this essay, in which I officially announced the publication of Fire in the Pasture, at the 2011 conference of the Association for Mormon Letters, held March 26, 2011. I read and commented on several poems in part II of the essay, but I’m not transcribing those readings here; if you’d like to hear them, you can listen… Read more »

On Terresa Wellborn’s “Welcoming the Epilogue”

Anthology Poet Highlight 2/82: Terresa Wellborn, “Welcoming the Epilogue,” Inscape (Winter 2011) (My reading of “Welcoming the Epilogue”) Terresa’s voice is distinctive, clear, and strong and her phrasing is often striking. Notice, for instance, the alliteratives that hold this stanza together and that propel the tongue toward climax: the r’s, th’s, w’s, s’s, c’s. And though her line and her… Read more »