The 2014 #MormonPoetrySlam Entries are in…

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“Poetry Slam Ad” from moontan on Flick (BY NC SA)

The submissions are in for the 2nd Annual #MormonPoetrySlam: eighteen poems from nine readers (a slight increase from last year).

Now that our contestants have thrown their voices into the ring, here’s how the competition will go down:

Beginning Monday, December 1, I’ll post a performance each day from Monday–Saturday until I’ve shared all eighteen. That will round things off Saturday, December 20, after which I’ll open the voting.

The performance with the most votes after the designated voting period will win the Audience Choice Award. As the event organizer, I’ll also give an Organizer’s Choice Award to the performance of my choosing.

Each winner will receive a copy of one of the following (per their choice):

To prepare you for the show, here’s the list of participants and the days they’ll be featured in the competition:

(Direct link to the schedule.)

So it shall come to pass.

Stay tuned to #MormonPoetrySlam beginning Monday: the winner’s fate depends on you.

14 thoughts on “The 2014 #MormonPoetrySlam Entries are in…

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